Diving in headfirst, "Shark Tank" is Dan Henderson, who spent 10 years smashing his way through the ranks of pride, and UFC Strike. His list of accomplishments is nearly as long as the list of victims, which extends the three-layered and multi-weight title reigns.
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Let us here is one thing straight, Henderson, Shogun will not knockout with just one win to make Rua record will need to refer to his opponent. The ability to end the fighting at any moment deceived in handy to Henderson in Round 3 when Roy begins in the gas and lower his guard. There is a large sign on the right beginning of the end, with some ground and pound sterling to clean things up.

He will cease to rise 2-0 at Mauricio Rua brothers? Or is "Hendo" just a pit stop on the way to "Shogun in the" second election of the UFC light heavyweight title?
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Shogun vs Henderson Live streamStrike another former champion takes center stage at the end of this week when Cung Le, who tying 185 pounds, and takes on former PRIDE smashing machine Wanderlei Silva. Shaw will be the striker San dull the blade of the "ax murderer?"